Match the celebs to their 2009 resolutions…

01 January 2010

Excuse the slur in our words, the odd vowel out of place. Oof, our heads hurt. We are officially all partied out for one year. We’re guessing, you’re as fuzzy-headed as us this morning, so, rather then strain you with a hard-hitting news story, we thought we’d be kind, and let you play a fun quiz instead. A low-impact distraction from your NY day hangover.

So, mix yourself up a large glass of Berocca, and test your morning-after IQ with Grazia’s quiz. Match the star to their resolutions for 2009, and chuckle at those who failed miserably, like us…

Match these celebs to their 2009 resolutions…

a) I would like to stop worrying so much because I worry all the time. And to learn how to be happier, just in general. And to stop biting my nails.

b) I have always had the same New Year resolutions: to stop smoking, to start wearing a bra and to stop shopping.

c) To slow down and enjoy each day. The pace of life can get too fast and now is the perfect time for reflection.

d) I will endeavour to keep fit and maintain my gym membership; there's no need to be out of shape however skint you are. So I'll do more running: I might even try to do the Great North Run this year — I've been promising my mum I'd do the marathon for her charity, Speakeasy, for about four years now.

e) To gain at least seven pounds.

f) To stay fit and healthy with the help of the 'New Year, New You' hamper I created for Selfridges, which contains everything I'll need to maintain my resolution, from a skipping rope and pedometer to detox tablets. I would then celebrate my achievement by retoxing with the bottle of champagne at the bottom of the hamper!

g) Not to have anymore babies. I’ve been pregnant for two years solid.

h) I don't do [New Year resolutions]. I think if you're going to give up anything, you should do it in the middle of the year. January 1 is the worst time to give up something; the worst month of the year and you're going to take your vices out of the equation? It's madness. It's when you want to smoke and eat the most, January.

i) I've decided to make a conscious effort to find my husband this year. It's time to settle down for me. So just to let everybody know, I'm auditioning in January.

j) To win my £100 bet with Simon Cowell that I won't have plastic surgery in an effort to combat the evil of high-definition television.

k) I had stopped making New Year's resolutions, because I kept breaking them. But I have one this year, which is to read a book a month. It may have to be extended to a book every three months, depending on how busy I am.

a)    Britney Spears
b)    Cameron Diaz
c)    Alice Temperley
d)    Henry Holland
e)    Cheryl Cole
f)    Anya Hindmarch
g)    Kerry Katona.
h)    Billy Piper
i)    Gok Wan
j)    Piers Morgan
k)    Raymond Blanc


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