Yikes! The REAL cost of NYE Dinner Parties..

31 December 2009

A warning to all your savvy NY revellers who thought, I know how I’ll credit crunch my celebrations, I’ll throw a dinner party – that way I’ll save on entry fees, £15 cocktails and extortionate taxi fare. That’s what we thought too. Until, we read a recent report that revealed the true cost of a dinner party’’. Look away now, if you’ve got guests on their way.

Apparently, every year Brits spend £6billion entertaining in the comfort of their homes. That’s £920.60 on dinner party dining. And, most of that doesn’t even go on the menu – or even the booze. It’s those unavoidable accidents, the spillages and breakgages, that turn what should be a cheap night in, into ‘No, not granny’s heirloom vase’…

One in ten guests questioned admitted to damaging or staining pieces of furniture, such as sofas, and a further 4% said they’d knocked over precious possessions or family heirlooms, after a few too many.

We’ve all been there. That awful moment, you gesture a little too excitedly and swoosh, a red wine tidal wave. Who has ‘taupe’ carpets in their living room anyway. Of course we all own up and offer to reimburse our hosts… Don’t we? No, according to this survey, 42% of guests confess to concealing or covering up the damage they caused to avoid being found out. Just move that plant pot over the stain, there you go…

So, for everyone hosting a New Years Eve dinner party, here’s the top ten mishaps, those questioned pleaded guilty to… We suggest you put plastic sheeting down now.

1. Dropping food onto the floor or carpet (52%)
2. Breaking a glass (44%)
3. Spilling red wine (41%)
4. Walking dirt into the house (35%)
5. Dropping or breaking crockery (24%)
6. Leaving water marks on wooden furniture (11%)
7. Damaging or staining large pieces of furniture such as a sofa (9%)
8. Making a burn mark whilst smoking (8%)
9. Blocking the toilet (6%)
10. Breaking a precious possession or heirloom (4%)

- Amy Molloy


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