Guess the Secret Santa

24 December 2009

Guess the Secret Santa

Whilst the rest of the year, stars fight tooth and nail over roles like James Bond, James Dean and Hamlet, come December there’s only one part worth playing.
But, take note celebs, Santa has big boots to fill and, never mind film critics, it’s the kids you’ve got to fool.

Even Oscar Nominees like Tom Cruise have failed to pull off an authentic portrayal. Last year, when Tom donned the red coat and beard to surprise Suri, the three-year-old saw straight through his disguise. 

‘I did my best Santa impression,’ said Tom, ‘But when I came out she looked at me and said, 'No, Dada.' This year, I'm going to do a little better. I'm working on it.’

We blame Katie – who hand-made Tom's outfit! You can’t fool a savvy tot like Suri with a make-shift beard made of cotton wool balls. However, even with a blockbuster wardrobe budget behind them, some celeb Santas have been more believable then others. Personally we think it’s all in the belly wobble. Less jogging, more pudding would help you there, Tom.

Here’s our pick of the best Little Fake Nicks in history. But can you name the star behind the facade?

By Amy Molloy








1. Simon Cowell, 2. Katy Perry, 3. Chandler from Friends, 4. Beyonce, 5. Billy Bob Thornton in Bad Santa 6. Ross from Friends, 7. Heidi Klum, 8. Tim Allen in The Santa Claus,


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