Celebs' most memorable Christmases

23 December 2009

Being cast as Mary in the school nativity, waking up on Christmas morning to snow, ankle-deep, then, to top it all off, finding [insert must-have toy] under the tree – everybody has one defining festive memory, just as every family has year-on-year-out traditions

We sent Grazia’s elves on a fact-finding mission, to discover the A-listers' most memorable moments….

All you’ve got to do is match these stars to the quotes (answers below)...




1) The day I saw my mum eating the Santa cookies on the plate was one of the most horrific days of my life. I never let her forget it. I had at least three more good years that I could have believed had she not been so careless.

2) As a child my Christmases were always exactly the same. You go to Grandma's house, you get there by two or three, she's cooked all the same foods that she's cooked every day for the past ten years you've been alive and that's kind of how it is.

3) At Christmas dinner if I leave something on my plate my Dad goes, ‘Remember the f***ing Africans. In my family you have to accept what you're given. Last year my father got me an inflatable monkey and that was it. One year he did just give me coal in my stocking.

4) One year my mom went through a gift bag I’d gotten from the VMAs and actually wrapped up iPod speakers that were in there and gave them to me. Then I left them in the corner of the room all year, and the next Christmas, she wrapped them up again and gave them to my brother and he was ecstatic. So it all worked out!

5) I love Christmas with the kids and I treasure whatever they get me. I love unwrapping presents on Christmas morning and seeing the kids rip theirs open. I love wrapping Christmas presents, too. I learned from my mom and I do it really well.

6) My favourite thing about Christmas is being able to go home and sit and do nothing. And maybe get a bit Delia Smith, make some mince pies and get all the Christmas food going.


7) Christmas was different when I was a kid in South Africa. We never got presents. And the Santa Claus thing was more like, he shows up on water skis. In a red Speedo. And has a bag full of candy. Then you have a barbecue, eat watermelon and swim. That's what I'd like every year.

8) I’m sure I'm psychologically blocking stuff to do with my parent’s split, but all I can remember is being excited at getting two Christmas stockings and having two homes.


9) I'm one of the kids who actually got coal for Christmas one year, so I'll take whatever I get and be grateful. I remember I opened the package and there it was, coal. I cried so hard. Then my folks cracked and went into the closet and got the old sled and the baseball glove.

10) When I grew up, we had a 'naked tree' on Christmas. On Christmas Eve, those of us who still believed in Santa Claus -- and some of us who still do -- would go to bed and when we woke up in the morning the tree was decorated. We were told Santa wrapped our presents and decorated our tree in his spare time and we believed it.



1) Halle Berry
2) Jennifer Lopez
3) Peaches Geldof
4) Pete Wentz. (you know, Ashlee Simpson's other half).
5) Nicole Kidman
6) Sarah Harding.
7) Charlize Theron
8) Sienna Miller
9) Jack Nicholson.
10) Sarah Jessica Parker.


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