What killed Brittany?

22 December 2009

Since the shocking news of Brittany Murphy’s death broke on Sunday, the blogosphere has been buzzing with rumours as to the true cause.
An autopsy has now been carried out on the actress, but the results won’t go public until toxicology tests are back – which, according to the LA coroner’s office, could take up to eight weeks.

In the meantime, we doubt this speculation will die down - especially with all and sundry piping up with their conspiracy theories. Though the Hollywood twitterati have been gracious in their tributes – Brittany’s ex, Ashton Kutcher, wrote, ‘Today the world lost a little piece of sunshine,’ and her Clueless co-star Alicia Silverstone said, ‘I feel love in my heart for her and hope she is at peace,’ – others have been quick to point the finger, hinting at anorexia and prescription drug abuse.
Here’s a rundown of their barbed comments… Do you think they’re in bad taste – or does this need to be said?

‘She seemed to go through a change on Clueless. Maybe she felt like she was not the, like, skinny, pretty girl, you know? And then the next few movies she was thinner, blonde … going out with Eminem and Ashton Kutcher.’ Clueless director Amy Heckerling.

‘A lot of her problems were due to poor self image. She wore extraordinary amounts of makeup, tons of fake eyelashes, got her teeth capped, dyed her hair blonde, lost weight – she wanted to be a beauty. She didn't want to be the fat girl from Clueless. She didn't eat a lot. She would drink copious amounts of coffee.’ An unnamed friend.

‘[On set] Brittany was barely there. She'd go in and out of consciousness in the middle of takes.’ An insider on the set of Something Wicked, the film Brittany was working on when she died.

‘We have been very worried something like this was about to happen. Brittany has been living life on the edge. She definitely had a drug problem and we have all begged her to seek help. Sadly our words fell on deaf ears.’ An unnamed friend.

‘People just don't typically die at 32 of natural causes! Absolutely devastating. Especially because this comes as no surprise. Those who knew Brittany personally, saw this coming. That does not make this any less horrible.’ Perez Hilton.

By Amy Molloy


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