21 December 2009

Talking Points: The Christmas No.1!


Since Top of the Pops was laid to rest, the battle for Christmas Number one just hasn’t been as exciting. It was such an event, in the olden days, when Jimmy Saville / Tony Blackburn / Pat Sharpe (showing your age now) or newbies like Jamie Theakson, would announce the victor in a blaze of glory. These days, it’s just not as much an event…
That said, this year had an extra element of excitement. The battle between X Factor golden-boy Joe and Facebook favourites, Rage Against the Machine. At the last count 750,000 facebookers had signed an online petition to get their single Killing in the Name to No 1.
Speaking on Sunday, before the results were announced, Tom Morello, the guitarist of RATM, actually praised Simon Cowell for being ‘a great entertainer’.
‘I don’t believe it has anything to do with Simon Cowell personally. I like that guy,’ he said, ‘He’s going to do fine with his Christmas number 2.’ Sarcastic, much?
For the first time in years, last night we paused in our wrapping, to gather round the radio… So how did you react, when you heard the result, that RAGM beat Cheryl’s ‘little bro’ to the stop spot, by 50,000 records? Did you add to the nation’s collective cheer or moan?
Sorry to go all X Factor deadlock on you, but we’re perched on the fence – did the best men win? You tell us…

Whilst on the subject of underdogs, can special mention be made for Chris Hollins, who won Strictly on Saturday. We haven’t given much web-space to Strictly this season (mainly because X Factor monopolised our weekends) but, those dedicated / sad souls like us, who Sky Plus the show to watch after the X Factor, will appreciate what a momentous victory this is. We’re not on the fence with this one. We’re fully, paid up members of Team Hollins.
Yes, we know Ricky Whittle was more technically talented, blah, blah, bore, but his comment after the show, on Saturday, just proves why the public didn’t vote for him.
‘Chris walked away with the trophy,’ he said, ‘But technically we walked away the better dancers.’ Sour grapes…

Sure Ricky, you can foxtrot, but can you ‘swim’ across the dance floor like this (fast forward to 1min29)… In this case, the right man most definitely won!



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