Michelle Pfeiffer: our New Year body icon

16 December 2009

Michelle Pfeiffer

Hands up whose diet has already gone out the window. Yep, ours too – it all went downhill after that first advent calendar choc. Once we got the taste for festibles (that’s festive edibles, by the way) we just couldn’t stop. Next thing, we’ve cracked open the jumbo box of Quality Street that was bought with best intentions for Grandma's pressie – now there’s not one left. Not even a strawberry cream…

We tried, Kate, we really did, to adopt your motto and show restraint. ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’? Well, you obviously haven’t tasted M&S’s triple layer cappuccino cake. It far outweighs the joy of fitting into your skinny-me jeans.

Anyway, when it’s -5 degrees outside, and you’re wrapped in six layers of thick-knit wool, who can tell if you’re carrying a few extra pounds?

Which is why we’ve elected Michelle Pfeiffer as our New Year body icon. In a recent interview the star, who at 50 looks practically perfect in every way, was asked about her beauty secrets...

‘Hard work,’ she said. ‘It requires incredible discipline. If you want to be fit, one cannot eat like a pig, and must exercise. You have to accept it. That’s the way it is, and I hate it. There is no miracle cure, and no secret diet.’

OK, not really what we want to hear halfway through our fifth mince pie. Not another Liz Hurley dietron who lives on maple syrup and sees hunger as a positive?

No, Michelle’s one of us. She splurges too! AND has fat days… Just, when we’re not looking.

‘Between films I let myself go, actually,’ she said. ‘I look different – but I hide it. And I’m good at hiding.’
So, rather then beat ourselves up about the calories we’ll overconsume in the coming weeks, we’ll take Michelle’s advice, enjoy the annual binge, and plan the best way to disguise our bulge in New Year… at least until we can get to the gym.

And btw, we still want to hear all about your body issues in our Body Survey. Do you agree with Michelle, or are you still looking for a miracle cure? We want to know, so please take a five minutes to complete the Grazia 2010 Body Survey.

- Amy Molloy


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