X Factor - our finale rants

14 December 2009

cheryl cole simon cowell

Of course, we loved Cheryl's Zuhair Murad frock on Saturday night. She looked stunning. Maybe it would have been better if she had not tried to move, however - she was never back from her fag breaks in time. Busted! And she had to cling onto Simon’s arm for support. Not that he seemed to mind…

Hated the final being split over two nights. It put an end to the new national institution, X Factor parties. As much as we love the X Factor, by the end of last night’s final, and two hours of being glued to the sofa, we were like JUST TELL US WHO THE WINNER IS ALREADY!! (We like you, Paul McCartney... but come on, this is the decision of the year we’re waiting for, did you really have to do two songs?)

Loved seeing Harry and Chelsea Davy being in the audience Saturday night. Forget Wills and Kate - these two have to be king and queen.

Very disappointed and not at all surprised by Simon's 'surprise' acts - Leona (Simon books Leona - really?) JLS (no way!) Alexandra Burke (whaaaat???) and we'd all heard the Macca rumours already... sorry Simon....

It must get a little annoying for current contestants that Leona is in every final, sounding amazing. Kind of a little reminder that no one else is ever going to be that good…

Loved how grudgingly Paul McCartney and George Michael took part. Dermot asking Paul what he thought of the contestants ("well, one of them's bound to win, ha!") and George Michael complimenting himself rather than Joe by saying the Geordie "coped well meeting people like us" and then "rose to the occasion" in their duet. C'mon boys - we know you're both legends but either play nice or don't play at all (and btw when did George Michael start turning into Tom Jones?)

Hmmm, we quite fancied Michael Buble, despite all out better judgment. Effortless cool. Sorry!

robbie williams olly murs

Ooh, car crash moment #2 for Robbie: missing his cue/messing up his own lyrics – and this was supposed to be his chance to win back the X Factor audience. The look of panic on Olly’s face was priceless.

Also, the second we heard who the contestants would be duetting with we predicted EXACTLY who would win and in what order they would go. Is this fair?...

Anyone else alarmed by Kimberley 'Bratz Christmas Doll' Walsh from Girls Aloud? Were we the only ones whose reaction was "WHAT is THAT?" when she appeared on screen? And not totally convinced by the 'Collection 2000 coffee shimmer' lipstick on Sunday. The lesson learnt: She should always wear red lippy.


There’s loving the X Factor, and then there’s being obsessive to the point that is actually scary. Case in point, the crazy Newcastle woman who changed her name by deedpoll to ‘Vote Joe McElderry’. Insane….

Hated the competitive emoting from Dannii and Cheryl on Saturday night. About as convincing as Julia Roberts watching the Opera in Pretty Woman...

Did anyone watch The X-tra factor? LOVED the caller who rang in and ranted at Simon "don't you think it was a bit unfair choosing a winner's song that was originally sung by a girl - didn't that put Joe at an advantage?" Our first thought: Er- wha? And then... actually we kind of knew what they meant. Bless little Joe.

But what did you think? We’d love your X Factor feedback! Comments below please… x


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