Talking Point: Rusty is crazy in love!

08 December 2009

russell brand katy perry

Love works in mysterious ways – especially if you’re Russell Brand. The reformed lothario, now smitten with Katy Perry, is crazy in love, if his recent actions are anything to go by.

On the way to an interview at the GMTV studios yesterday, he flung open the door of his chauffeur-driven car and threw his sunglasses into the street (AND they were Dior). Then he spent most of the interview, with morning fixture Lorraine Kelly, talking about his cat. No, not Kat – that wasn’t a typo – we’re talking the whiskers and four paws variety.

Asked whether he’d move to the US permanently to be near his Californian-born sweetheart, Russell said, ‘I could never do that because the cat lives [in the UK]. And someone has got to feed him. You can’t just send the occasional postcard saying things are going well. I tried to explain to him, but he doesn’t understand concepts such as international travel and work. He certainly doesn’t understand the concept of a bikini.’

Umm, what has that got to do with anything? Previously we’d have said, oh that’s just Russell, he’s got underwear on the brain 24/7. But not any more - R Brand is a reformed character and the womaniser (who once claimed to have slept with over 80 women a month) insists those days are behind him.

‘There was a deep craving within me,’ he said. ‘I mistook it for lust. I thought I was promiscuous, but it turns out I was just thorough – to get the right one.’

We’ve got out fingers crossed for a Christmas proposal. Can you imagine their wedding day? Her outfit! His speech! What an OK Magazine centrefold that would make...

- Amy Molloy


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