Boredom Buster: Thanksgiving special!

27 November 2009


Happy belated Thanksgiving to all our American friends – those waking up this morning a little worse for wear, still brushing pumpkin pie crumbs from their front, grabbing a leftover-turkey sarnie on route to the Black Friday sale, elbows sharpened.

Even though here in Britain, our sights are set firmly on Christmas, that doesn’t mean we’re immune to the celebrations stateside – in fact, we’ve embraced them (any excuse to justify our hangovers).

So, even though we can’t quite match the spectacle of Macy’s parade, we’ve scoured the blogosphere to bring you the best thanksgiving clips…

President Obama’s turkey pardon…
God bless the president for 1) keeping an almost-straight face throughout this speech and 2) Slipping in the sentence, ‘I was planning to eat this sucker’ under the nose of the PC brigade.

And Sarah Palin’s pardon.
The lifelong hunter also saved a turkey from the chopping block - anyone else get the feeling her hearts not in it? And what’s that going on in the background of her interview?

We trust you’re all Friends-aholics and no further explanation is required…

The Black Friday bargain race.
And we thought Oxford Street was bad. Ready, set, go….

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving
We have the Snowman, the states has Charlie Brown - aired every year, without fail, since 1973 either on Thanksgiving itself or the Monday before.

The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade – back in the day.
We discovered the earliest ever video recording of the parade, taken in the early 60’s Bizarrely, the line-up included the Munsters and a cameo from Father Christmas (not exactly thanksgivingy).

And finally yesterday's parade…
Which took a new route, steering clear of Broadway for the first time in it’s 83-year history.


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