Boy-on-boy ban!

26 November 2009


Have you seen American Idol Adam Lambert’s oh-so controversial kiss with his male backing singer, during his performance at Sunday’s American Music Awards? No? Well, that’s probably because US channel CBS blurred out the kiss in their coverage of the show.

We can understand their prudishness – 1,500 complaints were made after the show. But to put that into context, Janet Jackson’s nipple-gate netted more then 500,000! What’s even more illogical is the fact that in the same montage of award show best bits, CBS replayed the clip of Madonna kissing Britney at the 2003 MTV awards – unpixelated, in all its same-sex snogging glory. What’s with the gender double-standards?

‘We gave this some real thought,’ said a CPS rep. ‘The Madonna image is very familiar and has appeared countless times including many times on morning television. The Adam Lambert image is a subject of great current controversy, has not been nearly as widely disseminated and, for all we know, may still lead to legal consequences.’ But, isn’t that Madg-ney kiss only ‘familiar’ because TV channels had the guts to air it?

Or are you on the side of the PC police? Because, it wasn’t just a kiss – Adam also fondled one dancer and stimulated oral sex with another. One step too far? Or all good fun, in the name of entertainment? I mean, sex does sell and women singers have been flaunting their sexuality on stage for decades. Lady Gaga kisses a girl in her video for Love Game and Russian lesbian duo t.A.T.u would never have topped the chart without the controversy their on-stage kissing sparked. And let’s not forget Katy Perry, who picked a 16-year-old female fan from the crowd and kissed her during a concert. Yet none of these stunts caused such a hoo-ha. The singer was due to appear on Good Morning America this week, but the show has now cancelled his appearance. ‘We were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning,’ they said.

‘There are a lot of double standards as far as that goes,’ said Adam. ‘We've seen female pop and rock performers do that for the last 10 years. They've been very provocative, owning their power and sexuality. You just don't see men doing it very often. And I [was hoping] to break down that double standard with this number.’

Adam shouldn’t worry – this is the stuff of urban legends. It’ll go down in pop history, with Elvis’s hip swivelling (outrageous back in 1956) and Frankie Goes To Hollywood’s sexually explicit lyrics. This time next year, bloke-on-bloke kissing will be passé – and the popstrels of tomorrow will need to think of a new way to cause scandal – and boost record sales.

- Amy Molloy



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