Diva Demands: Rihanna's personal tattoo artist!

25 November 2009


Mariah Carey has a breast tape assistant, Oprah Winfrey had a bra handler, and when Lindsay Lohan went into rehab she brought along her manicurist, massage therapist and hairdresser (who flew halfway across the country to redo her extensions). And we thought the 2006 WAGs were bad, paying £10,000 to fly their self tanners to Baden-Baden…

Once upon a time it was enough to have a personal trainer, makeup artist and stylist on hand. Now the travelling celebrity comes with an army-like entourage that often includes a life couch (erm, Metallica), ‘meal minder’ (the Olsen twins), dog groomers (Mariah) and ‘people to help you sit down’ (once again, Mariah).

However we’d never heard of a personal tattoo artist before– until now. Because Rihanna has asked for Josh Lord (the man behind that gun tat under her arm) to be on hand, at the launch party for her new album Rated R - ‘just in case’ she wants some new ink work.

Forget pass the parcel and musical chairs, spontaneous tattooing is the R&B stars favourite party game… but DON’T try this at home. Rihanna previously got in trouble with police, for taking the needle and tattooing ‘R2’ on Josh Lord’s ankle (tattoo artist ‘Bang Bang’ – the woman behind that gun tattoo – got R1). You need a license to wield a needle in New York.

You’ve got to admire Rihanna’s style – at least she’s original in her demands. When her backstage rider was leaked recently, it revealed the singers list of demands included, ‘Good quality tortilla chips, fire hot crunchy Cheetos, 24 bottles of Fiki water and a professional make-up mirror.’ The rider also warned the venue must be ‘prepared for Rihanna to ask for hard boiled eggs and turkey bacon at any time.’ Class!

‘There are two types of celebrities,’ said Harvey Levin, editor of TMZ.com, ‘There are the Posh Spice types that want everybody around them to think it must be the president arriving. Then there are the Tom Hanks types who just would like to blend, and they don't make a fuss. The smart celebrities are the ones who realize that a true sign of stardom is somebody who doesn't have to act like a star.’

But come on, admit it, if you were a celeb - with the world at your feet and money no object - wouldn’t you make the most of it? Tell the truth now... We don’t believe that ‘it’s the simple pleasures in life' / 'fame wouldn’t change me' line.

Tell us, what would you demand? Or who would you include in your personal entourage?



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