OMG! J-Lo denies falling on stage!

24 November 2009

Is there anything more embarrassing then falling over in public? On the cringeometer it even outranks a toilet paper slug-trail or waving at someone – then realising you don’t know them, and having to turn the wave into an exaggerated ear scratch. 

How about falling in front of 5.5million TV viewers? Poor old Jennifer Lopez, fell smack bang on her bootlicious behind, mid-way through her performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday… or did she? Because old-pro J-Lo is desperate to convince us it was all part of the act.

‘Did I [fall]? Did I? Did I trip a little bit? I don't even remember,’ she said, in a post-show interview with Ryan Seacrest, ‘I meant to do that. That was part of the choreography.’ Well, if that’s the case J-Lo’s one hell of an actress (debatable – has anyone seen Maid in Manhattan?) because we’ve watched this car-crash-clip multiple times now – and that doesn’t look like a faux-fall to us. Also, if it was all part of the dance routine, why was that moment edited out of the US West Coast feed of the show, ‘out of respect’ for the star? Sorry J- Lo, your story doesn’t hold.

Anyway, we think, the diva’s got nothing to be ashamed of. There aren’t many women who could negotiate a human period of baby-oiled Adonises, whilst blinded by stage lights, dressed Lara Croft’s hand-me-downs and still land on their feet. Just be thankful you didn’t coordinate your shoe-choice to your song title – that topple was bad enough wearing biker boots.
And she’s certainly not the first star to trip over her heels – check out these celebrity stage-divers…

First Beyoncé – who spectacularly fell head-first down 12 steps during a concert in Florida last year.

And Madonna (the queen of pop no less), who took a very ungracious tumble during her Sticky and Sweet tour.

Isn’t it gratifying to know the holy grail of Hollywood are just as clumsy as the rest of us….

- Amy Molloy


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