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23 November 2009

X Factor

Ewww, Sunday’s cheap and nasty version of Wake Me Up Before You Go Go was like something you’d hear playing in the aisles at Superdrug. Surely ITV can afford the rights to play the original version songs?

Someone please bring out a screensaver of the face Simon Cowell pulled when he heard it was Olly v Jedward…?

Is “shurrup” Cheryl’s new catch-phrase?

Does anyone else mentally add “ – The Musical!” whenever Joe is singing? This week; George Michael – The Musical!

Are you kidding us? Jedward NOT singing Wake Me Up Before You Go Go as their song? No wonder they went out..

Does anyone else find it amusing that Dannii keeps taking the musical high ground during judging, raising one perfect eyebrow and pursing her lips every five minutes to tell us 'it's a singing contest'... who can remember Ms Minogue wowing us with her pitch perfect vocals in her own pop artiste days?

Has Louis been taking style tips from Alber Elbaz? Loved that bow tie – encore!

Olly Murs: is there anything less sexy than a man trying to be sexy? Faster love didn’t work for George and it didn’t work for Olly either…

Meanwhile.. does anyone else fancy Lloyd post-haircut? Ok, maybe not now, but admit it, your 15-year-old self is itching to scratch “[insert initials] luvs LD” on your pencil case with a compass.

How old is Cheryl? Saying “you looked adorable” to Lloyd, as if he’s her grandson. She’ll be pinching his cheeks next (fyi: she’s 26, he’s 17).

How proud are we of Dannii? It took a woman to finally show some balls, and make a decision - and the right one, at that..

And finally, is it not possible to find a shirt that fits Olly? We haven’t seen fabric put under that much strain since The Incredible Hulk.

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