An ode to Oprah

20 November 2009

oprah tom cruise

According to reports, Oprah will today announce that, when her current contract runs out in September 2011, her legendary talk show will be no more. Nooooo! While we doubt this means she'll disappear from our screens altogether (the rumour is that she'll instead focus on her own cable network), it does mean there'll be no more chinking champers glasses with Jen, looking agog at Tom or an opportunity to ponder just who Dr Phil is. Sigh. In her honour, here are Oprah's best bits...
1. Tom on the sofa.
All the introduction you need. PS. What's more nauseating: Tom going loco over Katie or all those soccermoms *screaming* at the mention of his name? PPS. Can we just discuss the bit where he chases Katie backstage?
2. The wish-we-were-there free car episode
Thought you were going to have to sit through more Dr Phil? Think again. The WHOLE audience got a car to go home with. Now why doesn't that happen on Graham Norton? (ignore the bit where it turns into a rap. It's very strange)
3. Jennifer explains why Angie is 'uncool'
Oh and talks about watching the election at 'Courtney and David's'. And how she made her 'Obama cake'. Bet CC  LOVED that one.
4. Whitney
See Dermot. THIS is the way to get her to open up. Not what you tried on the X Factor...
5. The moment where Oprah made Leona famous in America
Oh, if only SiCo was our careers advisor...And here's SuBo
6. Oprah joins the Desperate Housewives
Seriously. Here she is spoofing up life as the new neighbour on Wisteria Lane. BTW: Did she say her husband was called 'Garden'?? Oh Gordon. Got it. Sarah Palin
6. Stephanie Meyer
Just because we are super-super excited about seeing New Moon tonight. Sigh.


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