Is this the end of the A-List?

18 November 2009

angelina jolie brad pitt

Hollywood studios are thinking long and hard about whether to cast big (and expensive) A-list stars in the recession, which is one trend that really makes sense. After all, when you’re deciding which film to see at the cinema, how often is your first thought “who’s in it?” these days?

While we still have a huge soft spot for A-list stars (speaking of which, you must see Up In The Air when it comes out in January – talk about a winning performance from George Clooney), most of the time we have very different criteria in mind: is it by a director we admire or are a little bit obsessed with (Tom Ford, this means you)? Is it based on a book we’re already in love with, like Harry Potter or – the guaranteed smash hit of next weekend – the Twilight franchise? Or, more simply, have all our friends assured us it’s brilliant?

So many recent smash hit movies, from The Hangover to Paranormal Activity (it’s not out in the UK until 25 November but has already made $100 million in the States from a budget of just $15,000), not to mention Slumdog Millionaire, have made relatively unknown actors very famous, while the likes of Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie suddenly seem too recognisable to really be believable.

We like this. Go forth, casting directors, and find us another unknown to fall in love with, like Twilight’s R-Patz.


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