Friday Boredom Buster: Mad Men special

13 November 2009

mad men

Here at Grazia, we love everything about Mad Men, the sumptuous TV drama about back-stabbing advertising executives in the early 1960s - Don Draper's impossibly cool demeanour (well, on the surface, at least) and surprisingly sexy side-parting, Joan's jaw-dropping hourglass curves, the way all the characters manage to make continually chain-smoking fags, even first thing after opening their eyes in the morning, look glamorous rather than gross... it's TV heaven.

So when we saw the incredibly cute Sesame Street Mad Men spoof a few weeks ago, we fell in love with that, too. But then we spotted some grown-up versions on the Guardian website made by dedicated fans and we couldn't resist sharing them. We never thought we'd say this, but sit back and enjoy the sexism, racism, male posturing and, oh yes, a whole lot more smoking...

1. Mad Men in 60 seconds
The answer to the world's problems? 'Let's smoke indoors'

2. Meshugene Men
Mad Men - if everyone was Jewish. In a really stereotypical way.

3. Mad Women
Now that's more like it - women coming up with the ridiculous sales pitches and men answering the phones.

4. If Penny Blogged
If Peggy had her own blog about life at Sterling Cooper, this is what it'd be like.

5. Simpsons do Mad Men
Don Draper may be sexier than Homer, but this is the cutest thing we've seen all day

6. And finally... that Sesame Street clip again, in case you missed it last time.



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