Mary Portas One Life: Over To You

11 November 2009

Mary Portas

Every week in Grazia, Mary Portas listens to one reader's life dilemma and gives her honest, straight-talking advice. Today, it's your turn to help out Grazia reader Bea. She's a woman who feels trapped -- by all the choices in her life. Should she follow her boyfriend, her business dream or take the sensible option? Let us know what you'd do in her shoes...

‘My boyfriend, travelling, my job, children – how can I have them all?’
SIX years after graduating, I went part-time to set up my own social enterprise business, but it’s yet to get off the ground. Now there’s the chance of a great full-time job which would give me more useful experience, but my boyfriend wants me to go to Latin America for a year in 2010. I don’t know what to do. Should I go travelling and delay setting up my own business by two years, stay here and take the new job or just go for it with my business? I know my boyfriend is ‘The One’ and I’ve also always wanted to have children. How can I fit everything in?
Bea, 28, Coventry

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