Boredom Buster: OMG! It’s The End of the World!

06 November 2009

Quick: Make sure you’re wearing matching underpants – because we’re all gonna die! Only joking, everything’s fine. Still, with just one week to go until this year’s big Armageddon movie – 2012 – hits cinema screens, we thought we’d enjoy a spot of disaster porn through the ages. Here are four ways the world could end:

1. The Mayans could be right.

Based on a real (but thankfully much-disputed) Mayan prophecy that the world will end in 2012, John Cusack and friends run around while motorways turn into erupting volcanic death traps courtesy of director Roland Emmerich. Amazing. But hopefully inaccurate.

2. The Aliens could land. And they could be cross (after all, the jet lag from Planet’s Raaasoorargh’s a bitch).

We love Independence Day – another explosion-fest from Roland Emmerich (who also made The Day After Tomorrow – what exactly does he have against the planet?)

3. All women could all go infertile…

… with Clive Owen saving the day, as seen here in Children of Men. Sadly Clive doesn’t actually sperminate all the women of the earth. Instead, he has to transport the world’s one remaining pregnant woman to safety.

4. There could be a spot of monkey business

Finally, you can't beat a bit of Charlton (Heston, ladies, keep up). Nobody thumps the sand in despair in the same manly way. In Planet of the Apes, the world's ended and been taken over by, well, apes. But you're not sure. Until this bit. Ohhhhhhh...


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