Talking Point: Simon's mum reveals all!

03 November 2009

simon cowell

Simon Cowell, a force of nature – arguably the most powerful man in television, recently named in a poll of the all-time greatest leaders, alongside Martin Luther King and Moses! To put it frankly, he’s a man to be reckoned with. But he’s still no match for his mother’s wrath.

Not one to mince her words (we see where Simon gets it from), 84-year-old Julie Cowell (who was aghast at the burlesque show at his 50th birthday bash) has previously described her famous son as a ‘complete handful’ as a child. ‘Once, he shaved he brother's hair off,’ she said. ‘And he wouldn’t take no for an answer. Then again, neither would I. It was a battle of wills.’

Now Julie has told the multimillionaire music mogul he needs to work less and settle down… and she has a particular ex-girlfriend in mind. ‘Top of the class is Terri [Seymour],’ said Julie. ‘She loved Simon purely for the person he is, unlike some of the others. She and Simon still talk to each other every day and she calls me every 10 days to say hello. She was my favourite but sadly Simon is married to his work.’ It looks like Julie’s not getting her hopes up, as Simon set his sites on bachelorhood from a young age. ‘When he was 19 he told me her never wanted to get married,’ she said. ‘He’s brilliant with his nieces and nephews but says, "I’m a great uncle but I don’t think I’d be a great Dad."'

Mother knows best…

- Amy Molloy



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