X Factor round-up!

02 November 2009

dannii minogue

Another week, another ‘do for Dannii (results show = crimping + quiff + sparkly hair accessory). How can she top that next week? And how feisty is Dannii this series? When Simon dissed Rachel for turning into a clone of her mentor, Dannii’s comeback was, ‘Well, she wanted to copy your hair but there wasn’t enough hairspray in the world.' Go girl!


Speaking of Rachel… we so want her lipgloss! We’ve never seen such iridescence. And did anyone else think her cover of Oasis’s Stop Crying Your Heart Out was a-mazing? Why oh why didn’t she pull that out of the bag sooner. Sadly, her comeback came too little too late by that point.

X Factor

Cheryl’s dress started an avalanche on Twitter (check back here for What Cheryl Was Wearing). We loved the moment Simon told her to ‘sit up a little straighter’ before she had a wardrobe malfunction. Those genius sequin trousers in the results show were maybe a little more wearable.

For the second week running, Louis criticised a contestant for ‘not sticking to the theme’ (this time it was Lloyd who wasn’t ‘rock’ enough). OK, Louis may have a point, but still, as the man behind ‘Jedward’, we think he’s got a cheek to be so pernickety.

olly x factor

Now let’s talk about Olly… not a good week for him in the style stakes. Who’s idea was it for him to rip open his shirt at the end of the song (cringe) and why, oh why, when the contestants dressed up for Halloween, wasn’t he allowed to wear trousers beneath his pumpkin costume?

Bon Jovi were special guests on the show. And their new single isn’t half bad… but we were secretly hoping for a bit of Living On A Prayer (we had our air guitars at the ready and everything).

Sorry, but how fake and unconvincing was Danyl Johnson's sudden nervy lack of confidence? We get that Simon's scared he's being perceived as too cocky, but seriously, we've seen better acting on The Hills. Dannii was right when she said the first half of his song was slightly out of tune, but surely he’s still head and shoulders above the rest? Get it together Dan. Or else Jedward might actually win.

When Simon congratulated Cheryl on her number 1 single and album, did anyone else think the music mogul wasn’t kidding when he ‘joked’, ‘come over to my record label'. It’s only a matter of time, we reckon.

Poor Lloyd – already in the sing-off, struggling with a sore throat, fighting back tears… then Simon goes and calls him Olly by mistake! Not exactly the confidence boost he needed.


Finally, our thoughts on JLS. a) We still can’t look at Ashton without thinking of that Wii Fit advert. b) Not sure about Oritsé channelling Peter Crouch with his robot dancing. c) Very disappointed we didn’t get a flash of their six packs.

Let’s just hope that with Leona Lewis on next week's show, viewers will remember the point of The X Factor (Talent Contest NOT Comedy Show) and vote out Jedward immediately (please).

- Amy Molloy


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