Friends Forever

28 October 2009


Since Friends came to an end, fifteen years ago, Jennifer Aniston’s antics have overshadowed her ex-cast members. Ok, Matt LeBlanc had 15 minutes of additional fame with spin-off series Joey and Matthew Perry played the funnyman in a handful of sitcoms (never quite shaking those Chandlerisms), but they were small fry compared to Jen, whose A-list status hasn’t wavered - although that’s more down to her love life then acting talent (straw pole, who can name her recent films? Now, who can name her recent boyfriends?)

However, that’s all about to change. Thanks to the success of ABC show Cougar Town, Courtney Cox-Arquette is back on our radar (the show opened with a shot of her, in her undies, looking sickeningly svelte for a 45-year-old… with a five-year old!) But Courtney’s not one to hog the limelight. She’s offered Lisa Kudrow a guest part on the show (‘I’ll be there for you’ suddenly rings true).

‘If it all works out, she'll play a dermatologist that my character can't stop going to even though the doctor is mean to me,’ Courtney said, ‘She's the best in town at what she does and I become addicted.’

It’s all about who you know in Tinseltown, and this isn’t the first time Courtney’s employed one of her old pals. When Dirt, the sitcom she starred in and produced with her husband, was flailing in the ratings chart, she enlisted Jennifer Anniston to appear in the series finale – as a gay magazine editor, who seduced Courtney’s character, Lucy. Nothing like a lesbian kiss, to secure some column inches (she’s no fool, our Courtney.) That said, the show was still cancelled after the second series. So, will her BFF Jen be joining Cougar Town as well?  

‘I'd love for [Jennifer Anniston] to be on the show, too. Obviously we can't cast her so close to Lisa’s appearance but if there’s a great part for her, I'd send it right away. I also did ask Matthew [Perry] if he'd play my boyfriend on the show. But he thought it was a little too much after Chandler and Monica.’ Spoilsport!

We say, go the whole hog and reunite the full cast (Gunther and all).


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