We love it when a plan comes together (sorry)

27 October 2009

a team

Okay, so those of you who a) aren’t male and b) are under the age of 26 may not be as excited about this as the rest of us, but The A-Team is back and being made into a movie. Crack your commandos and send us to the nearest military unit! But before you start rescribbling Dirk Benedict’s name all over your file (well, ‘To Do’ list these days...) we have to tell you the original soldiers of fortune won’t be doing the plane jumping/baddie shooting/cigar shooting this time around – there’s a whole new cast onboard.

So step up (or go on the run for a crime you didn’t commit) Liam Neeson (Hannibal), Bradley Cooper (Face), Sharlto Copley (pilot Murdoch – nope us neither) and Quentin “Rampage” Jackson (BA Baracus – and FYI apparently Mr "Rampage" used to compete as an Ultimate Fighting Champion - that's boxing and wrestling to you and me ).

So what do you think, punks? After Starsky and Hutch, Charlie’s Angels and Miami Vice is this a remake too far? Will BA have got over his fear of flying? Can anyone – even from a strong theatrical background like Liam N –  say, ‘Hannibal’s on the jazz’ with a straight face in 2010? Does this mean we’re going to see a surge in baseball hats, cravats, leather murderer gloves, Mohawks and donning 300lbs worth of cheap gold jewellery? Will we fancy Bradley as much as Dirk? And, most importantly, will the plan come together?


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