Talking Point: The BNP on Question Time

23 October 2009

nick griffin

After weeks of debate and controversy – and with protesters storming the BBC – a record-breaking 8.3m people tuned in to see BNP leader Nick Griffin on Question Time last night.

Griffin thinks his performance will convince millions of Britons to back him. While we don’t think that will be the case, we wish it had been more damning. After all, Griffin somehow got away with denying or not commenting on the most controversial of his opinions, his comments on Islam’s treatment of women and putting a cap on immigration weren’t debated fully.
The problem, perhaps, was the panel, who seemed determined to score points for their party by criticising him, which seemed to lead to a lack of proper debate. Only Bonnie Greer – who didn’t have a party to promote – came across well. Quite rightly, she patronised Griffin, which led to him giggling, creepily, trying to look as though her comments weren’t bothering him, and actually looking like the shifty little man he is.

If you missed it, catch up here.


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