SPOILER ALERT: Patricia Field spills on SATC2!

22 October 2009


Look away now if you don’t want to know the lowdown on SATC2. Patricia Field, wardrobe goddess for the Sex and the City series and movies has blabbed all to People.com at a Cancer Research charity gala in New York last night.

Clearly enjoying all the geeky levels of attention the movie is already receiving ("it's Star Wars for women all over the world” she says), the stylist attempted to clear up some of the speculation….


The Flashbacks
We have been loving seeing the actresses in all those horrendous 80’s outfits, but Field finally answers the question – is it a flashback or is it a dream (/nightmare) ? "It was in the beginning of the movie," says Field "Carrie was waiting to meet her girlfriends and she was thinking about when she first moved to New York in the '80s and how she met Samantha and Charlotte. They're all, in real time, meeting to go shopping. And in her flashback time, she is thinking of when she first met each one of them."

The Hot New Location
Last time they flew to Carrie and Big’s honeymoon location, Mexico (after that wedding fiasco), this time Field says the girls will be visiting Morocco "[We're shooting] there for about six weeks," she said. "You'll probably see belly dancers and Bedouins!"


The Miley Circus

Earlier this week, Grazia reported that Miley Cyrus and Kim Cattrall had filmed a scene where they turned up on the red carpet, for the premiere of Smith Jerrod’s new movie, in the same Matthew Williamson dress. "That's in the story line, but I'm not going to tell that one," Field teases. "But, it's fun. Miley's a very good character. She's a really nice girl. She's happy and with it! She's a very cool girl."

The Big Story Line
But when it came to the big story line spoiler - will Carrie be having a baby? - Field suddenly came over all coy "I don't know," she says. "You're going to have to see for yourself because then what's the fun?"

Is she kidding? We’ll be bringing you more SATC2 news so stay tuned!


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