Celebs quit Twitter!

13 October 2009

Lindsay Lohan agyness deyn

A report published yesterday showed the most frequent tweeters are actually middle aged women (rather then the teen army you’d associate with Facebook). Apparently, housewives and stay-at-home mums are the new face of twitter (and we though it was Ashton Kutcher). So is this the start of a Twitter backlash?

While, just six months ago, the measure of an A-list celeb was how fans were ‘following’ them, now many are turning their back on the site. It’s no longer de rigueur to tweet every detail of your personal life (Paris Hilton take note, we don’t care what you and your beau had for breakfast).

Brit packers Agyness Deyn and Alexa Chung have Twitter pages, but they’re not visible to the public (although Alexa does have a second, public Twitter page, she’s trying to wean herself off using. 'Oh God, need to delete this account but I can't do it. I can't jump!' she wrote last month).

Going one step further, other celebs have left the site completely.

First, Lily Allen shut down her page (her last tweet read, 'I am a neo-luddite, goodbye').

lily allen miley cyrus

Now Miley Cyrus has deleted her profile. 'I’m done living for other people,' she said (amid rumours that her boyfriend Liam Hemsworth threatened to dump her if she didn’t stop tweeting their business). So, how did she you chose to bid farewell to her 2.2 million followers? She posted a rap on Youtube, of course (and, after watching this embarrassing clip, we’re inclined to say good riddance).

Now one more celeb has joined the exodus - Courtney Love, who shut down both her accounts yesterday. 'Twitter, it’s been real but your 15 minutes are up,' she said.

Now Miley we can live without, but Courtney really is a loss (what other celeb would post photos of herself, in bed, with a pet turtle on her head?) The Twitter-verse won’t be the same without her.

However, we understand the rock chick’s decision. She was sued by NY designer Dawn Simorangkir earlier this year for defamatory tweeting (celebs have to watch what they say on Twitter these days, and doesn’t that really defeat the object?).

Now these trendsetters have turned their back on Twitter we’re sure more famous faces will follow. But what about the rest of us? Do you think Twitter has had its day? Or is the networking site as addictive as ever?

- Amy Molloy


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