So what do you REALLY want?

09 October 2009


Another day, another survey about modern womanhood. According to the latest, by the Centre for Policy Studies, we don't want high-powered careers, and 'find more fulfilment in motherhood than work'. Apparently millions of us are frustrated that we've been 'pushed' into jobs and only 12% of mothers want to work full-time.

'We need to break the stranglehold that the small coterie of women who work full-time and buy into the macho way of life enjoy on our public life,' Cristina Odone, former deputy editor of the New Statesman. 'They have for years misrepresented real women who reject the masculine value system for one that rates caring above a career and interdependence above independence. Real women do not want to commit full-time to a job. The future belongs to the real woman, who points to a lifestyle embracing feminine values. Let's hope this government, or the next, is brave enough to heed her call.'

Hmmm... So what do you think? Is your blood boiling? Is this just another piece of research designed to make us feel bad about our life choices and fuel the mummy wars? Or do you feel like you have been forced back to work after having kids? Let us know...


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