Friday Boredom Buster

09 October 2009

1. Watch YouTube's best bits
Here are the 100 greatest hits of YouTube cut down to a mere four minutes. Who could forget the sneezing panda, the piano-playing cat stunts, Rick rollin' Astley, Christian the lion and the treadmill dance routine? Oh, it's like a mini episode of You've Been Framed on E-numbers.

2. Buy a Sarah Palin Christmas snowflake ornament crystal
Our favourite website of the day has to be Regretsy where the worst arts and crafts known to man are showcased and (you lucky people) available for sale. Never knew you needed a cheese grater clock? A coat for your goat? Or an Obama toilet seat cover? WHAT is wrong with you? Grab your credit card and go ker-azy.

3. Forget 'Grazia', just call us 'Miss Chaps'
This week Alexandra Burke announced that, just like Beyoncé (AKA Sasha Fierce) and Natasha Khan (or Pearl), she too has a rock-star alter ego. Yep, when Alex performs she becomes... The Beast! (FYI: because 'I'm a monster! They're going to see me go wild on stage.'). Which clearly got us thinking, what would our mad rock-star name be? And, stone the crows, some sad sack out there has already created a website to tell us the answer:

4. Check out Levi Johnston (though eugh! not like that)
His interview in Vanity Fair is one of the magazine highlights of our year thus far. So we've been wondering... what is Levi, babydaddy of Sarah-Palin's-teenage-daughter-Bristol, going to do next? Playgirl. That's what. And here he is working out to make sure he looks his, well, best. After this pinnacle, surely a move to I'm A Celebrity... is a shoo in? We watch and wait.

5. Worship at the altar of Malcolm Tucker
The Thick Of It is back this month (as soon as we have a confirmed time and date we will let you know). In the meantime, here are his best quotes (as voted by his Facebook fans). So rude.


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