Talking Point: about Cheryl?

08 October 2009

Cheryl cole

The Meaning of Life, the Bermuda Triangle, how John and Edward made it to the X Factor semi finals… some things in life we’ll never understand. Why Cheryl Cole stood by her cheating hubbie? Umm, we can’t say we lose sleep over it.

However it appears we’re in the minority, because a survey (carried out by has found Chezza’s decision to forgive Ashley Cole (after he allegedly slept with hairdresser, Aimee Walton after a boys' night out) is fourth in the list of ‘life’s most confusing things’ (beaten only by foreign call centres, algebra and ‘what women see in Russell Brand’).

We wonder where exactly they carried out this survey, because we did a straw poll of the Grazia office and, surprisingly, nobody gave that answer (and quite a few of us even claimed to fancy Brand).

We admit, when the news first broke about Ashley’s affair we couldn’t understand Cheryl’s decision to forgive him (especially as the Girls Aloud singer had previously said, 'I’d kill anyone who cheated on me.') But, it was almost two years ago, people. And since then, Cheryl has gone from strength to strength - move on!

The top 50 also included credit card interest rates, buying a house and politics (as well as the offside rule and the rules of cricket – now these we can relate to).

However, we still don’t think these answers are a fair reflection of the views of the nation (as only 4,979 people, aged 16 to 65 were quizzed), so we’ve decided to carry out a survey of our own.

Grazia readers, we need you to tell us, what things in life confuse you the most?
- Amy Molloy


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