Talking Point: Suri's HUGE clothing allowance!

02 October 2009

Suri Cruise

Last week the Grazia office was divided over whether Suri Cruise’s pre-school high heels were cute, hilarious or down right disturbing. Either way, the outfit earned the ‘world’s most fashionable toddler’ a lot of column inches, and every fashion blogger and trendspotter is now on Suri Watch (including us). Since she first stepped out in that Juicy Couture bib dress, we suspected Suri would grow into a fashion icon.

And no wonder she looks so fashionable – it’s been revealed Katie Holmes spent a cool $2million on her daughter’s wardrobe, splurging on custom-made clothes by Armani, Versace, Cavalli and Burberry, plus specially-made shoes by Christian Louboutin.

As a child, we begged our mum for months for a pair of ‘magic key’ shoes from Clarkes (do you remember the ones with the key in the sole which were the talk of the playground in primary school?), yet still she refused. So, the child inside us can’t help feeling bitter at the news that Suri not only owns mini-Louboutins (multiple pairs, not just one), but £130 Mary-Jane pumps by Bonpoint. Not exactly practical for a three-year-old (although we’re sure Daddy Cruise will be happy to replace them if one scuff or speck of mud spoils the patent).

Yes, the A-list family can afford to be extravagant and you can’t help but go ‘Ahhhh’ at some of Suri’s get-ups, but does anyone else think this is a little over the top (as none of it will fit her in six months)?

Also, Katie seems to be setting a worrying precedent. If Suri spends this much on her wardrobe at three, imagine what she’ll be like as a teen. Blake Lively and Taylor Momsem, will be no match for Suri.


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