Grazia Quiz: What type of Friend are you?

29 September 2009


It’s been 15 years (can you believe it?) since Monica, Ross, Rachel and co. first hit our screens. To celebrate, Warner Home Video is releasing an extra special limited-edition celebration Box Set of all ten seasons (whoops, there goes the weekend..).

Check out this week’s issue of Grazia to see what happened when we visited the Central Perk pop-up café and met Gunther! (btw you can visit Central Perk too, until October 5th. Just log onto for details).

And in the meantime, why not find out what type of Friend you are by taking our super-duper Grazia test...

1. Ok, it’s morbid but what does Phoebe want written on her headstone?
a) Phoebe Buffay, Musician extraordinaire
b) Phoebe Buffay, Buried Alive
c) Phoebe Buffay, Once stabbed a cop!

2. Who is Dr. Regina Phalange?
a) Phoebe's alter ego
b) Monica’s optometrist boyfriend
c) The on-set doctor who gives the cast their Botox shots

3. Remember Brad Pitt's guest appearance (dribble, drool) as Will Colbert? What was Will's greatest enemy?
a) Rachel Green
b) Complex Carbohydrates
c) Both of the above, hated in equal measures

4. What two recipes does Rachel mix up when she cooks Thanksgiving dessert?
a) English Trifle and Shepherd's Pie
b) Bread pudding and Beef Stew
c) Spotted dick and Welsh Rarebit

5. Remember the Ralph Lauren tux Rachel loaned Chandler for his wedding? Which celeb had worn it before him?
a) Pierce Brosnan
b) Val Kilmer
c) Diane Keaton

5. Who sings the friends theme tune?
a) The Rembrandts
b) Aerosmith
c) The Arctic Monkeys

6. Friends wouldn’t be Friends without a whole lot of kissing but which of these couples have NOT locked lips?
a) Ross and Monica
b) Joey and Rachel’s sister
c) Chandler and Ross’ mother

7. Why was Phoebe awarded $7000 compensation?
a) She found a severed thumb in her soda can
b) Wrongful dismissal – after her boss at the massage parlour catches her cavorting with a client
c) After entering Pop Idol, Simon Cowell told her she couldn’t sing (gasp)

8. Which of the following has Ross NOT drunk?
a) A glass of fat
b) His ex-wife’s breast milk
c) Joey’s old bath water

9. Ready for a tough one? How many steps does Joey count it takes to walk from his and Chandler's flat to Central Perk?
a) 97
b) 56
c) 107

10. What soap opera did Joey star in?
a) Days of Our Lives
b) Dynasty
c) Baywatch

11. Which of the following celebs has NOT made a cameo?
a) Brooke Shields
b) Reese Witherspoon
c) Cameron Diaz

12. Why did Rachel run out on her first wedding to Barry?
a) She realised a gravy boat they were given as a wedding present turned her on more than him.
b) She discovered her wedding dress was a designer rip-off
c) He said Mindy’s name at the alter

13. Why is Ross forced to take a sabbatical from his job at the museum?
a) He yells at his boss for eating half his sandwich
b) Rachel and he are caught having sex in the Planetarium
c) He’s blamed when a dinosaur fossil goes missing

14. Who could forget Joey’s stint as a butt double? But which dimple-cheeked actor is he standing in for?
a) Sean Penn
b) Al Pacino
c) Tom Selleck

15. Hmmm, do you believe Phoebe’s tall tales? Which of these has she claimed to have done?
a) Trained to be a stockbroker
b) Slept with Billy Idol
c) Married a gay ice-dancer

16. Which of the following do not live in Monica’s building?
a) Smokes-a-lot-lady
b) Ugly-naked-guy
c) Mr Treeger

17. Chandler won a look-alike contest in high school, but which celeb was he impersonating?
a) Elvis
b) Vanilla Ice
c) Ozzy Osbourne

18. Remember when Ross 'n’ Rachel reunited at the beach house? How many pages (front and back) did Rachel ramble on for in her letter?
b) 4
c) 34

19. Why does Rachel buy Chandler a hypnosis tape?
a) For the sake of Monica, to get the commitmentphobe down the aisle
b) To cure his speech impediment (could he be anymore incoherent?)
c) She’s fed up of him smoking

20. After Phoebe becomes a surrogate for her brother and his wife, what do they call the triplets?
a) Frank Jr Jr, Chandler and Leslie
b) Huey, Dewey, and Louie
c) All three were called Frank – to carry on the Buffay tradition.

1. b
2. a
3. c
4. a
5. c
6. b
7. a
8. c
9. a
10. a
11. c
12. a
13. a
14. b
15. c
16. b
17. b
18. a
19. c
20. a

So how did you do?

Less then 5: Our Worst Frenemy
Oh-my-god, a fine friend you turned out to be. Which crowd are you hanging out with now; those career girls from Lipstick Jungle or the cool kids from Gossip Girls? You’ll be sorry for neglecting Monica and co. if/when the movie comes out.

6-12: Fair Weather Friend
Back in its hey-day you were a die-hard fan, but with Friends off our screens you and the gang have grown apart (sob). Ok, you remember the basics (Ross’ divorce-rate, Joey’s favourite sandwich) but fall short on the finer details. Now, dust off your box sets and get reacquainted.

More then 13: BFF
You can recite the words to Smelly Cat, remember the rules to Flame Ball and even know what Chandler does for a living (umm, something to do with statistical analysis isn’t it?). We could all do with more friends like you (and ‘we’ll be there for you tooooo-ooooo’).

- Quizmistress: Amy Molloy


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