Talking Point: the latest SATC2 celeb cameo!

28 September 2009

Miley Cyrus

Another day, another leaked piece of SATC2 gossip (we wonder if they’ll be any secrets left by the time this film eventually comes out). The latest news – Miley Cyrus will make a guest appearance in the sequel, committing the fashion crime of the century, by wearing the same dress as our Sam at a party/premier (details to be confirmed). Mario Cantone, (AKA Anthony/ Chars wedding planner/future hubbie of Stanford), will quip, 'Mother of God! She is wearing the same dress as Hannah Montana.' Though nothing has been confirmed, rumours are circling of a teen version of SATC (with Miley cast as one of the four leads, naturally). 'I would like to be able to [make a teen SATC] because I feel like so many girls do watch that show,' she said, 'I feel like there should be one that is a little more censored and age-appropriate.' With Miley making a cameo, Katie Holmes approached to play a 'ballsy high-powered executive' and even Jordan auditioning (to play a ‘sexy’ English nanny) we’re left wondering who isn’t going to pop up in this film? SATC producers, we beg you, pleeease don’t lower the tone with teeny-boppers and D-listers… Give us Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte and Sam and we’ll be happy. 

- Amy Molloy


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