Boredom Buster - Celebs as Kids special

25 September 2009

Well, well, well. Look what we spied on You Tube today, a young Lady Gaga (looking rather Peaches Geldof-esque don’t you think?) singing her little heart out pre-superstardom. She’s hardly recognisable minus the micro hot pants, mirror ball dress or blonde hair. Who could have imagined what would happen next eh?

But this video got us thinking, which other celebs have been singing, dancing, acting and waving their little jazz hands in a bid for stardom since tender ages? Quite a lot, as it turns out, and lucky for them there has always been a cheesy television advertisement or product desperate for a cute face to launch it to the masses. And lucky for us (thank you Internet gods) these clips are available online for our perusal, and a little pointing and laughing…

First up is an oh-so-cute Leonardo Di Caprio (a long time before his cool Scorsese days) hawking bubblegum in the most 90s ad ever, just check the Boombox.

Step up Lindsay Lohan, it’s your turn for some childhood embarrassment, although not that you aren’t quite good at embarrassing yourself now too…

Next is our very own funny man Simon Amstell, evidently quite the comedian in his younger days too. Oh and Simon, we’re loving the glasses, tres geek chic.

It was a long way from Burger King to Buffy for Sarah Michelle Gellar who actually caused controversy with this ad when it was released way back when in 1981 for slagging off McDonalds.

Okay so he may not be a child in this video, but we couldn’t resist this Brad Pitt for Pringles ad. Wonder if this makes it into his list of favourite roles?

Who knew Pringles really were such great star spotters back in the day? Here’s Jessica Biel in her cringe worthy debut.

And finally, it wouldn’t be a celebs as children special without this gem. We owe the Mickey Mouse Club a lot, namely Justin Timberlake, who raps (yes, raps!) with his former love Britney Spears. It makes us so nostalgic!


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