Talking Points: the REAL reason Dannii had botox

22 September 2009

Dannii Minogue

Side-by-side with Cheryl on the X-factor panel you’d never guess Dannii Minogue is more a decade older than the Girls Aloud member. Of course Dannii’s had a little chemical help, readily admitting to having Botox injections. “I had it because I want to be the best I can be and look the nicest I can,” she said back in August. Vain? Maybe, but who could blame her? If we’d grown up in the media spotlight (she’s been a household name in Australia since the early 80's) we’d be tempted as well. But there’s more to it then that... Now Dannii has revealed the real reason behind her Botox; not simply a pursuit of youth, but...her sister Kylie’s cancer. "[Kylie] was sick and then my best friend died soon after. I felt I'd been hit by a wave,” said Dannii, “I couldn't deal with the stress. I couldn't deal with having to look at my face.” Let’s play devil’s advocate for a moment. Surely, if you’re sibling has a life threatening illness there’s more important issues to deal with then your crow’s feet / that pesky frown line? On the other hand, grief works in mysterious ways. "It was a personal thing of having to get through a lot of sadness,” said Dannii, ''At first, it was something fun I tried, then it became a necessity.'' The media circus that surrounded Kylie's diagnosis (journalists and paparazzi camped outside the Minogue family's Melbourne mansion around the clock) put extra strain on the pop princesses’ nearest and dearest. Drink, drugs, prescription painkillers; we’ve seen celebs turn to far worst substances then Botox when their personal lives hit a pothole. And Dannii is the first to admit Botox was not the answer, “It didn’t make me happier” she’s previously said, and is now letting nature take it’s natural course. Frequently papped looking loved-up with boyfriend (and steamy Aussie model) Kris Smith, it appears the X-factor judge has renewed her priorities, "I guess at my age I have to start thinking about babies at some time,'' she’s said, "But to be honest, I'm just enjoying being so wildly in love and being so happy.'' Great to hear, Dannii!


By Amy Molloy


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