Is this the start of the feminist backlash?

27 August 2009


Hmmm… Feminist author Fay Weldon, 77, best known for The Lives And Loves Of A She-Devil (gotta love that title), says if us girls want an easy life we should pick up our hubbies socks and never mention the F-word (F-F-eelings that is). That’s if we ever make it to the altar because, according to Fay, we put our relationships in jeopardy by having unfair expectations of our boyfriends. ‘The trouble is, the battle [between the sexes] became too fierce and the whole culture encouraged women to believe that men are stupid, useless creatures who are the enemy. But men nowadays are actually much nicer… The definition of a good man has become ridiculous. I just think that as long as you have a sort of semi-good looking, able-bodied, intelligent man, you should have his baby.’ Cue outrage from the women of England – are we really expected to marry beneath us? However maybe, just maybe, Fay has a point (she’s been married three times, so at least talks from experience). So, your bloke grunts, farts and doesn’t know how to program the washing machine. I’m sure he brings other skills to the table and, ladies, we have our flaws as well. What do you think? Should we stop being picky and settle for Mr-almost-perfect or hold out for a man who cleans the bathroom?

- Amy Molloy


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