Boredom Buster: X Factor special!

21 August 2009

X Factor

It’s Friday, but we’re not counting down to the end of the working day, oh no – we’re counting down to 7pm on Saturday night because that’s when X Factor starts again! Yes, we’ll be glued to our sofas (social life? What social life?) and ready to play X Factor bingo. For the record that means: taking a swig of wine every time we hear phrases like, ‘That’s the best first audition I’ve ever heard’; ‘You could go all the way to the final’; and ‘You really made that song your own’ (and two swigs of wine every time Cheryl says, ‘You’re soooo cute!’). So sit back, relax and enjoy our special X Factor-themed Boredom Buster, as we bring you some of the best memories from years gone by….
Who can forget the tender tears of Alexandra Burke as Beyoncé sashays in to steal the show while she’s performing Listen? Thankfully, Alex makes a good recovery and manages to raise everyone to a standing ovation under a shower of somewhat dangerous looking sparks.
Rising out of a cloud of smoke (or possibly the pits of Hell), platinum-haired Welsh crooner Rhydian gives an earth-shattering performance, belting out Phantom Of The Opera as if his very life depended on it. Thankfully, it didn’t.
Same Difference’s seminal performance, which involved them leaping out of bed surrounded by small children in pyjamas? We’re resisting making a pun here.
It was one of the year’s great love stories. It almost rivalled Liz Taylor and Richard Burton, or, at the very least, Paris Hilton and, er, any one of her numerous boyfriends who have only lasted five minutes. Yes, when Diana Vickers performs her Dido song in 2008, lil' Eoghan Quigg can’t contain his passion and rushes on to the stage to hug her. Ah. Young Love… 


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