Is this the best picture ever?

13 August 2009

Talking Point

So normally we bring you a deep, meaningful and intelligent Talking Point of a morning. But today we want to draw your attention to this picture because it is THE coolest thing we've seen today. So cool, it's reduced even us hardened Features Desk hacks to the kind of girls who go 'Awwwwwwwww!' at animal pictures. Apparently Canadian Melissa Brandts and her husband were hiking in Banff National Park when they set their camera's timer to take a picture of them against the spectacular backdrop of Lake Minnewanka (if we were 15 years old we'd make a joke about that name. But we're all grown-up. So we won't), but just as the shutter went off, this cheeky little squirrel popped up and stole the shot. Amazing. That's all we have to say. [National Geographic]

- Suzy Cox 


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