What do you think of Hillary Clinton’s outburst?

12 August 2009

Who can blame Hillary for losing her cool during a question-and-answer session in the Democratic of Congo when one student, debating a foreign policy, asked: ‘What does Mr Clinton think through the mouth of Mrs Clinton?' ‘My husband is not Secretary of the state. I am,' she snapped. ‘If you want an opinion I will tell you my opinion. I am not going to be channelling my husband.' You go girl, we cheered in unison - until it emerged that the student in question had been mistranslated and had actually asked: What does Mr Obama think? (Hmm, yes that does make a lot more sense.) White House representatives have said Hillary was particularly sensitive because she was in central Africa to talk about its mistreatment of women and saw the question as sexist. Kudos to Hillary for standing up for herself, however did she have to get quite so ... emotional? You're secretary of state now Hils - not a political WAG anymore - and need to be more diplomatic. We appreciate it must be hard living in Bill's shadow - her outburst comes in the same week the former president secured the release of two American journalists, sentenced to 12 years in jail in North Korea - he even borrowed the private jet of old friend Steve Bing (father of Liz Hurley's son) to fly them home (can't say he doesn't have style). So, was Hillary's outburst justified? Should she be treated as a politician in her own right (Obama obviously thought she was up to the job). Or just accept that, as one half of a world-famous power couple, she'll always be tied to that hubbie of hers?

 - Amy Molloy


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