The new Gossip Girl trailer, XOXO

11 August 2009

Now, we're going to do our best not to plot-spoil here, because we are aware that some of you haven't seen all of Season 2 yet (at least three staffers in Grazia Towers are saving themselves for the box-set so they can enjoy it in one big Wang-dressed, Westwick-filled go), but let's cut to the Chace (ho ho ho): the promo for GG series 3 is OUT. While some purists have suggested that series 2 wasn't as good as 1 (what was it with that whole strand about Chuck and the Eyes Wide Shut parties?), we are still as excited about the advent of series 3 as Rufus Humphrey when faced with a store full of boho leather necklaces. Annoyingly, the promo is a mere 30 seconds long and clearly created to make us wonder, as they say, WTF is going on. There's scant evidence. But here's what we can deduce...  

1. Chuck's now a braces-pinging City boy getting hit on by skanky socialites, even though he still seems to be seeing Our Heroine Blair (OHB), though, predictably, he's not being a v good boyfriend (BTW: let's hope there are many more lines of the quality of 'Take your American girl hair and poreless skin and get out!' to come).
2. Serena's being papped. Zzzzzz. Oh, how fiction and reality blur.  
3. Nate's snogging that annoying ginger governess from Privileged (note to E4: we so wanted to like it. But if we wanted such saccharine, we'd watch reruns of Saved By The Bell.
4. Georgina is smiling at Dan like she properly fancies him (urgh. Do we have to go there again?), who's being all 'revolutionary' by drinking beer, underage, on a roof. Is he the most smug character of all time? Even when he's being fun we want to push him off the Empire State.
5. Vanessa is kissing some bloke, who looks a bit like he might be Dan, but probably isn't because that would be INTERESTING and plotlines involving V never are. In the books, V shaves her hair off. Do you think we can hope for such a turn of events on TV? 
6. The adults are, like, nowhere (boo! We want Lily!).
7. Oh yeah, and there's one teeny shot of Little J on a sun lounger which tells us nothing apart from the fact she's still not learned to lay off the eyeliner.  

As the promo says, WTF? We may explode with excitement before we find out.  

- By Suzy Cox


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