Is it time for your fertility MOT?

10 August 2009


Fertility MOTS. What a terrifying prospect. The term alone paints a heinous mental picture – a garage full of thirty-something women, legs jacked up, being inspected by a grease monkey. Ouch, watch where you put that spanner! Professor Bill Ledger of Sheffield University said fertility tests should be carried out on women at thirty, as more couples put off parenthood and rely on IVF, which has a dubious success rate – only 5 per cent among woman over 40. He said the have-it-all generation who want to forge careers and then have a baby need to 'wake up and smell the coffee' because their biological clocks are ticking. We can't argue with the stats – though you have a 75 per cent chance of conceiving naturally at 30 it falls to 66 per cent by the age of 35 (and let's not even mention your forties). One in seven UK couples is infertile – that's 3.5million people. However, say we take the test and learn we're genealogically challenged? Should we procreate immediately, with the first, tom, dick and harry that offers his services. Also, what about the men folk - should they be tested, because none of this matters if he's firing blanks... We think the Professor's oversimplified this issue. There's a lot to discuss. Let us know your thoughts...


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