Sharon kicks off the beauty wars

05 August 2009

Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne has revealed the secret to her success... being ugly. ‘Being short, fat and hairy meant I had to develop a brain and personality, be fun and smart to make deals,' she told Psychologies magazine. ‘Whaaat?' we hear you cry. But wait a minute. Maybe she's on to something. After all, we doubt she would have survived over 20 years in the industry and amassed a joint fortune of £90million, with Ozzy, if she was nothing but a pretty face. So is being ugly character building? Let's look at the evidence. From the playground to the workplace, pretty girls are noticed first, which means the less attractive have to work harder to match them. Except a stark warning to all you beauties – looks don't last forever, even with Botox. Just look at glamorous newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky, who struggles to be taken seriously. How long will she be flavour of the month before the next ‘autocutie' takes her job? And then there are all those models/actresses/It girls who complain about how being beautiful means they're typecast. So, do good looks help or hinder? You tell us ...


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