It’s the Friday Boredom Buster!

31 July 2009

The weekend starts in T minus two hours, ladies. But what on earth are you going to do during that clock-watching time? Well the Grazia Daily Boredom Buster video special is here to help. Kate Moss has got swine flu, Saved by the Bell is back, and Amy Winehouse sings. Could there be a better excuse for getting caught out watching YouTube at work?

Amy's big comeback record? With her friend Remi Nicole? Now that would be amazing. But then again, here's them getting up to shenanigans in St Lucia. [YouTube]

We've all been to a wedding where the couple break into Salt n Peppers' ‘Push it' during the first dance. But Jill and Kevin take it a step further with this Britain's Got Talent-worthy ensemble performance at the church [YouTube]

Shock news! Kate Moss has swine flu! This is worryingly realistic we fear...[FootyTube]

Can you belieeeeve it's been 20 years since Saved by the Bell graced our screens? Well maybe you will be able to when you watch this - the very first episode of the TV ‘classic'. Make a cuppa, treat yourself to a couple of choccie digestives and settle down to 20 minutes of skin-tight jogging bottoms, crazy 80's dancing, leotards, scrunchies.... Oh wait, it's just like 2009! [YouTube], [YouTube]

- Siam Goorwich


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