Friday Boredom Buster: The Can Katie Sing? Special

24 July 2009

This, dear readers, may be the best Boredom Buster ever. Well, it's kept us amused for a whole hour this morning, but then we do have the attention span of David Beckham on the front row at a Lakers game. So, last night Katie Holmes made her looong-awaited appearance on So You Think You Can Dance (the US take on X-Factor but with, well, dancing and Cat Deely showing off her well-trained contestant-consoling skills again. FYI: it's not normally that interesting, seeing as the kids really can dance and therefore the whole sport of laughing at some disillusioned idiot as they jive away like a stunned raccoon to Britney's Toxic just isn't there).

Anyway... first up, here's Katie explaining why on earth she'd spend hours of her time sweating in a dance studio and coming up with this little number, when she could be at home, cocooned in marital bliss with Tom.

And here is her Big Performance, which we were momentarily distracted from because we were too busy wondering if Cat had been replaced by Rachel Zoe (skip to 1 min 45 secs to see what we mean)....

Watched it? Good. Now let's take a trip back in the Grazia time machine... because (and the non-Dawson's fans among you may not know this) this is not the first time Katie's sang her little heart out. Oh no. When she played the doe-eyed Joey Potter in the Creek, the girl was on stage pretty much once a season due to some plotline no doubt fashioned to show that her character was in fact, not just good at using long words, turning men gay (Jack) and always picking a pair of jeans which sit one inch above her shoes.

1. 1998: The moment Dawson realises he loves Joey
Joey's taking part in a beauty contest and for the talent segment sings On My Own. Of course it's all about her and Dawson. Oh, feel the swirl of heart-felt teen emotion. And look at Michelle Williams standing on the side of the stage, about to be dumped by Tefal Head for Joey. All we can say is 'poor Jen'. Which you've never heard us say before. Oh no...

2. 2000: Creek karaoke
Joey and Dawson do Daydream Believer. Her talent's still under a bushel here. Clearly. And sorry the start bit is in Spanish. We couldn't find an English version. Erm...

3. 2002: Joey embraces her inner rock chick: part 1
Here she is singing I Hate Myself For Loving You with Chad Michael Murray (much fitter than Tefal Head) exhibiting the extensive acting skills which later took him to such diverse parts as a troubled teenager in The Gilmore Girls, and a troubled teenager in Freaky Friday. And, oh, a troubled teenager in One Tree Hill. Even though he's now 27. (Unrelated PS but we love Audrey!)

4. 2002: Joey embraces her inner rock chick: part 2
Here, at some frat party thing, Joey gets drunk and belts out I Want You To Want Me. Eat your heart out Joan Jett. But see what we mean about her issues with trouser length? (PS did we mention we love Audrey? Even with that hair?)

- Suzy Cox


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