Friday boredom buster

10 July 2009


The sun has got his hat on (hip hip hiiiippppp...) and we're itching to get to the pub for a round of our fave new game (see number 4. below).  If you've also got that Friday feeling, leave your expenses ‘till Monday and have a look at this weeks Boredom buster!
1. Emma Watson, our current style crush, was on David Letterman last night
Oh, how we want to be pale and interesting (and dressed in Christopher Kane)!

2. Fashion fiends, take a deep breath, for what you are about to see is the making of a piece of Chanel couture! 
Suddenly the five figure price tag seems justified, no?!
3. Every now and then an advert comes along that changes your life. 
Ok, well not quite changes your life, but stops you getting up to make a cuppa in the ad break! Congrats to the clever people at Evian for this one.

4. Sometimes it's good to take it back to basics
So, it's with this in mind, that we thought we'd let you in on our new favourite game; What would your name have been if you were a boy?! Turns out our lovely Editor Jane would have been Jeremy Bruton - lol - we feel a new nickname coming on! And our Deputy Ed, Marianne, would have been Mario Jones. Let us know what yours is below, purlease. 

5. I suppose it was only a matter of time before the MJ tribute flash squads started up...
...and here's our favourite so far. We've been practising Bad in the Grazia office, it's kinda living up to its name!
6. All we can say is DON'T TRY THIS AT HOME! 


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