You HAVE to watch this tonight!

06 July 2009

Grazia office obsession alert! Nope, not a scene-stealing dress or a gorgeous pair of glads - it's a TV show that starts tonight, Four Weddings. And not a cool, aspirational, chic TV show, either. We're talking about Four Weddings, a new Living programme that is to marriages what Come Dine With Me is to dinner parties. Four brides rate each others' big days - passing judgement on the cake, the dress, the flowers and (eek!) even the father of the bride's speech - before one is crowned winner. So, the most personal and momentous of days becomes public property, throwing up plenty of fodder for bickering and one-upmanship. And while we should perhaps be horrified, we are - obviously - glued to the TV, fascinated, obsessed, giggling unashamedly. Brilliant. Four Weddings starts at 9pm tonight at Living. Let us know what you think tomorrow, too!


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