Mary Portas One Life: Over To You

30 June 2009

Mary Portas

Every week in Grazia, Mary Portas lends her ear to a reader and gives her savvy, no-nonsense take on the situation. Today, it's your turn to help out Grazia reader Rachel. Take a look at her letter and let us know what you think of her dilemma. Should she go along with her post break-up plan or put it down to madness now she's over her ex?

‘Am I running away from my past - or creating a future?'
I split up with my boyfriend a few months ago after living together for two years and, in a post breakup life-change moment, decided to move to LA. It's possible because I work from home and can live pretty much anywhere with an internet connection - including the other side of the Atlantic. But after applying for a visa and preparing to leave London, I've been feeling less heartbroken and am now unsure if I should take such drastic action. On one hand, I'm young and single but, on the other, know I'd massively miss my friends and feel scared that I'd be out of sight - and mind - for the people I work for in the UK – which could mean career disaster.
Rachel, 28, London

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