Mary Portas One Life: Over To You

24 June 2009

Every week in Grazia, Mary Portas lends her ear to a reader and gives her savvy, no-nonsense take on the situation. Today, it's your turn to help out Grazia reader Zoe. Take a look at her letter below and let us know what you think she can do to get out of this rut. How do you think she can boost her confidence and get back on track?

‘Am I destined to be a failure?'
I feel as if I've wasted my life because, after getting a first-class degree and landing the job of my dreams in advertising, I had a crisis of confidence and turned it down. That was several years ago and it's been the same ever since: I get a good job then lose it because I don't believe I can do it. Now I'm working in a dead-end public sector role and feel like a failure because my younger siblings have great professional careers. I so want to succeed, but it's never happened. I fear that my sisters, who used to look up to me, just pity me now. I can't go on like this, but have no idea how to turn things around.
Zoe, 32, London

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