Friday Boredom Buster

19 June 2009

Maria Bueno

1. Wimbledon: forget the sport, get into the outfits
The tennis tournament starts tomorrow and, at Grazia Towers, we're divided as to whether we're going to be glued to our TV sets or about as bothered as we are about Big Brother (i.e. a whole world of not). But what we are interested in is the fashion history... Our fave old school player? The daring (back then) Maria Bueno AKA the Brazilian Bombshell, who was dressed by spy (!) Ted Tinling. She caused a furore by wearing a tennis dress with a "shocking pink" lining, followed by another with "a pair of pants in navy blue with turquoise panels that matched the coloured panels of her under-skirt". The next year, Wimbledon introduced a stricter predominantly white clothing rule. Find out more here.

2. Take the Twitter fash quiz
Which famous designer/model/stylist Tweeted the (sort of) immortal words, "I try not to be sentimental and obsessive about possessions. I love collecting, but I hate owning"? Dunno? Then find out here.
3. Marvel as Barack deals with his fiercest adversary yet
A persistent fly. No wonder he's the most powerful man in the world. Mr Miyagi has nothing on him [Youtube]

4. Thank god you're not related to any of this lot
Our favourite is the "hands on a baby". Classic. Though thankfully not in our homes.

5. Watch LC FINALLY admit The Hills is staged
Like, seriously. OMG to the end! Well, no, we always knew that anyway, but doesn't Lauren's hair look pretty?


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