Friday Boredom Buster

12 June 2009

boredom buster

1. Try not to laugh as Dizzee Rascal falls off stage
Smooth, Dizzee, super-smooth....

2. Guess who this little cutie is
Nope, we didn't get it either. Though, some how, we imagine this truly terrifying teen would have got it at 20 paces (there are literally seven whole seconds where she doesn't breathe. We timed her) [The Salon]

3. Watch Gordon eat pie
That's humble pie. Apology. Done.

4. Find all the proof you need that Heidi's actually about as talented as we suspected she was
Golden moment: Janice Dickinson comparing HP's singing to "a cat that somebody put water on". And PS Frances, the woman with the dreads (no, we don't know who she is either) could be a real contender to take over from The Apprentice's Margaret -- would you check out that eyebrow arch?

5. Hope Ant dumps Dec
LOVE Mrs Ant AKA Lisa Armstrong for making this with him. Bless, bless and thrice bless.


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