Does size, sorry, height matter?

11 June 2009

Sophie D and Jamie C

The first point we'd like to make is that we LOVE Sophie D and Jamie C. They're beyond cute and always look properly loved up. Plus they're so perfect for each other that, even when you try to merge their names, Brangelina-style, all you get is 'Soph-ie' or Jam-ie', which would clearly be qualified as A Sign if we were living in Sleepless In Seattle. However, would you just check out this picture? At first, we thought it must be some kind of evil-paparazzi-angle-type trick but, after conducting a scientific experiment (we got two similar-sized members of the features desk to stand hand holding distance apart to see if the one at the back looked a bit teenier – she did. But not that much), and also reading the facts (Sophie's 5ft 11in and her fiancé's 5ft 4in), we had to admit it probably wasn't an evil-paparazzi-angle-type trick at all. Which led to a heated Grazia debate: would you date a guy who was shorter than you (we're deep in the office today)? Come on, let the posting begin...  

- Suzy Cox


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